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your thoughts [Jul. 24th, 2005|03:01 am]
Girls Who Rock


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ok well this question came to me wile i was playing a stupid pc game and im sorry if this isnt allowed but i was wondering about other peoples opinions espetally girls on this topic so i though this would be a good place to ask it & see what other people thought. again im sorry if this question may offend anyone or if this i the wrong place to ask it. so here goes:

~What are your thoughts on Females playing the guitar and how they are treated or thought of? What about girls who are in bands and is the only girl (meaning that all her other bandmates are men) in that particular band that plays guitar or any other instrament. (ya i no im kind of sticking to the "guitar topic")

i guess i will start out by giving my response.

~ well 1st of all since im learning to play the guitar and me being a girl i think it is kind of unfair how from how people kind of reacted to me when i tole them i wanted to play thwe guitar. 1 of my best friends even said to me that i just wanted to play because i saw it in a stupid movie. that to me was compleatly insulting. also if i ever get good enough to start a band of my own (im hoping to try to do in the future anyway hopefully) and my other bandmember are guys i dont want people to think that im a slut and i sleep around. i know over all people might not give me the credit i deserve if i ever become good and some how get my name out there.

*thanx for reading*