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hey [Jun. 18th, 2005|05:56 pm]
Girls Who Rock


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ill just introduce myself real quick cuz i dont have much time...
My name is Rachel... I play the clarinet in my HS band, i sing soprano II for our Concert and Chamber choirs, alto for one of the choirs at my church, soprano for another, and i sing lead for a band at my church... yayaya im crazy right?? Call me crazy, but im really into Christian music, and some classical. o well... i enjoy it!

I really like the idea of having a place for girl musicians to get to meet each other... its cool, so whoever came up w/ it- u rock! lol

Well gotta run


[User Picture]From: futoku
2005-06-30 04:26 am (UTC)
I've been in Band at my school for about 6 years, but next year I'm joining Choir.

How different is it to sing, instead of playing an instrument, in front of a group?
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[User Picture]From: kittiekorn
2005-06-30 06:41 am (UTC)
I don't think it's too much different, personally. I think (Maybe it's because I'm a singer) that you have more control over your voice than you do over an instrument, and that it's facilitates performance.
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[User Picture]From: snowangel88
2005-07-04 01:06 am (UTC)


I agree... I have been singing for as long as i can remember... and playing since i was in 4th grade (Ill be a senior in the fall) Its not super different for me, but i do feel i have a lot more control over my voice than i do with my clarinet tho i think for me its a comfort level thing. I really wouldnt worry about it... U will be with a large group of people, and you will be able to mix your voice with the others.

Best Wishes

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[User Picture]From: kittiekorn
2005-06-30 06:06 am (UTC)
Hihi! Welcome to CM.
That's awesome that you sing in so many groups, you must have a wide range there. Alto-Sop II! If i'm lucky I get that.
Thanks for the props there, and hope to see you around!
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